Paddy Himself
Life for me began in a beautiful, quiet little village in Southern Ireland, but I yearned for a life of travel and excitement.

This came about one day in the form of a lovely lady Shelia. She was a member of the Consett and Vale of Derwent Naturalists Field Club.

I was smitten and she took me away with her.
Unfortunately Shelia thought she couldn’t give me the life I craved for as at weekends she sometimes preferred to be away in her caravan. With a heavy heart she handed over my care to Michael the Club President of the club at the time. She made him promise I would be taken good care of and be treated as a member of the Richardson household.
Sheila and me
The lady who took me to the bright lights & excitement of Consett

I was introduced to other club members and made many new friends. We travelled back to England and I was full of excitement at the thought of the new life ahead of me.
For a while I lived on the mantelpiece where I made even more friends in the form of fairies. One day I was just sitting there chilling and having a chat, when Michael whipped me from the mantelpiece and put me in a camera bag. I was full of anticipation, where were we going, what were we doing?
I soon found out when we boarded a coach with the rest of the walking club, we were off on a walk.
I was among friends and we had a great day, everyone wanted their photo taken with me, they treat me as some kind of mascot on the B walk.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all wonderful as one day disaster struck. Let me tell you all about it.
One day we were on a walk the Richardson's had unfortunately accidently left me on the coach.  As we got back on the bus Shelia was quite cross with Michael for forgetting me, Michael removed me from the camera bag to show her I was fine when there was a tussle between them , I fell to the floor, bruised and battered my little snow globe house was smashed into millions of pieces.

The Snow Globe
The Snow Globe
This is actually long lost cousin Seamus - last seen on Ebay
They were distraught at what they’d done to me, those who were supposed to protect me, they were blaming each other, what was to be done? Silence fell as they picked me up off the floor it was decided that Michael and Maureen could nurse me back to health.

It would be a long road to recovery,  I am now back to full health without my snow globe, but I’m wrapped in bubble wrap now when I’m not walking and enjoying life.

I have since been to Abbs Head and Tan Hill but to name but a few places. This isn’t the end it’s just the beginning.

This is Paddy signing out for now.

(With the assistance of Maureen Richardson as obviously leprechauns can’t type)