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Hi everyone, Paddy here. Just thought I’d pop in to tell you about the club Christmas party I attended.
A great time was had by all at Castleside village hall. The food was good, the drink flowed (mainly schloer) and the dancing was phenomenal. It was in fact a Ceildh.

Now you would think being a leprechaun it would be something I’d know about, but as many of you know I had a sheltered life back in Ireland. I really had my eyes opened.
One of our members Maria, did her own little turn (think she must of went to Irish dancing lessons when she was a child as she was very good) there was no holding her back.

I had my photo taken with lots of friends and had a chat with my good friend Sheilah, it was great to see her again.

Maureen had rather a scary moment, Michael accompanied me to Sheilahs table and left me to chat, in the meantime the table we’d been sitting at had been cleared, Maureen came back to find the table cleared and me gone.

She dashed into the kitchen to ask if anybody had seen a little leprechaun to be met with some very strange looks until she explained herself.

Word came through I had been found safe and sound just before Maureen started to rummage in the bins.

Feel free to look through my gallery where you can peruse photos of the nights events. All that remains is for me too wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, and hopefully some great walking next year.