Founded 1907

Consett and Vale of Derwent Naturalist Field Club

Hilary Fox


It is with very great sadness that we record the untimely death of one of our members, Hilary Fox. This short passage was written by her parents Jacque and Sylvia to commemorate her time with the club.
  Hilary Fox 1954 - 2007


We are not exactly sure when our daughter, Hilary Fox, became a member of the Vale Of Derwent Field Club but it was certainly pre- 1996 as Jacque and I were members by then and she pre-dated us by at least one year.

Her enthusiasm for the Club and her great enjoyment of the outdoors and walking in particular, made us feel we were really missing something special and we joined in either 1995 or '96. Her twin sister Katheryn joined a year or two after us but is not a regular member due to working commitments on many Saturdays.

From the beginning, Hilary was totally involved with the Club, leading walks on many occasions and holding the Office as President over two seasons. Members have come and gone since Hilary took up membership though there is still a good number of 'familiar faces' whom she would have known from the start.

During the first half of 2007, Hilary showed no sign of approaching illness and we enjoyed walks with her on several occasions, including a lovely walk in Baldersdale on Easter Saturday and our Centenary long week-end in Derbyshire, when she seemed on top form. Early May saw her enjoying a walk in Easdale, but it was on July 14th that she led her last walk. She was to lead the 'B' walk from Alwinton and though on this day she felt very ill, she was determined 'not to let the walkers down' by not turning up. She had a very difficult time on that walk as those who were there will remember, but she completed it.

Two days later she was in hospital diagnosed with an inoperable cancer - although she wasn't told that at the time. With her usual determination she told us she was going to 'beat it' and she fought it hard but sadly, five months later, almost to the day she passed away.

We are writing this because we hope that those who knew her will remember her with affection as a lively, generous and enthusiastic friend and fellow walker, who gave much of herself to the Club and liked to end every walk with a cream tea - and usually managed it!