Founded 1907

Consett and Vale of Derwent Naturalist Field Club

Len Crawley
Len Crawley


Len joined the club in April 2006, I remember as it was my first walk with the club also.

He already knew a few fellow members as some of them walked in other walking clubs with him. He soon made friends with other members and became very popular, a good listener but also a good talker.

D.I.Y. was one of Lens fortes and was often doing his house up or helping others with little jobs.
The coach was always lively when Len was on it with much raucous laughter from his direction.

He enjoyed a couple of walks in 2015, Tan Hill and St.Abbs Head and even though he was in some discomfort he finished the walks with a smile on his face.

Len will be greatly missed by all his friends in the club, for his kindness, his big broad smile but personally I think most of all his uniqueness.

Memorial written by Maureen Richardson