Founded 1907

Consett and Vale of Derwent Naturalist Field Club

Patricia Buchan

Patricia Buchan

Pat was a joyful and well liked excellent President of the Club. During her Presidency, she realised that the Club required some modernisation of the Constitution and equipment, and to increase the social side of the Club’s activities.

During her year of office, she reintroduced the annual dinner (which had fallen by the wayside for several years) accompanied by live musical entertainment and an Irish Girls Dancing Group. At the Faith Supper she also introduced successfully live musical entertainment. Pat also organised some Quiz Nights just to increase the social atmosphere in the Club.

Pat also successfully introduced and organised the Annual Walking Holiday. The first was to the Derbyshire Peak District, and in the following year to “The Duke of Gordon Hotel” in Kingussie Scotland.

When charged with organising speakers for the Winter Lecture Season, she excelled in choosing the speakers wisely which made the lectures a resounding success.

Pat chaired many meetings to re-write the Club’s Constitution to cope with the general changes in society and to serve better the wider community of Derwentside.

Pat and Lawrence Welsh raise essential funds for the Club with all the various “Grant Applications” to replace the outdated Club’s equipment. She organised the purchase of a computer, digital projector, associated portable screen, replacement of the Club’s outdated Ordnance Survey Maps and creating a new updated map library.

Pat was the spirit for good in the Club she served so well. She was always happy when walking, rain, or, shine and would always see the funny side of life. Her glass was always “half full”, rather than half empty!

The Club will sorely miss this wise and intelligent lady!